Brain Boot Camp

A half-day workshop designed for baby-boomers and older adults with age-related memory concerns, who wish to reduce their risk for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Brain Boot Camp participants will:

  • Learn basic techniques to respond to everyday memory challenges
  • Master memory techniques for names and faces
  • Get lifestyle tips proven to keep your brain healthy
  • Gauge progress and notice results in just three hours
  • Take home strategies, exercises, and assignments to continue improving memory on a daily basis


  • $275 for singles
  • $500 for 2 people

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You may also contact Dr. Jennings directly via email ( or phone (650-279-7474).

About The Trainer

Dr. Julia Jennings is a former employee of the UCLA Longevity Center, where she contributed to memory training research and now brings those strategies to people in the Monterey Bay. (License #: PSY 25167)